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To Those Starting National Service

Worried about your safety? Unable to cope with the training? Unsure about what your buddies and commanders will think of you? National service may seem overwhelming at first, but it will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.
One of the important tips is try not to stand out from others, especially in a bad way, like being the last, or keep having others to always watch out for you, or for talking too much. Instead, try to be helpful to your section/platoon and not cause any trouble.
When I did my BMT, it did help very much to keep a positive mindset throughout. For example, when the commanders made us do pushups, I treated it as training and seek to improve myself. I didn’t see anything as a punishment, I actually treated BMT as a holiday retreat.
One of my commanders once told me, that “they are just there to do their job”. Whether you take it positively or not makes the whole experience different. Learn to enjoy something if you don’t like it at first (like running, physical training, route marches).
If you want to go to command school, you will have to perform well in several areas. They are: IPPT (physical proficiency test – minimum silver), SIT (situational test – also called second field camp), Peer evaluation, and Commanders’ evaluation. You will have to be prepared to be helpful, lead/suggest instructions, and display an aptitude for being able to be a good commander.
If you need any more advice, or just want to share how you are doing, send me a message anytime, or leave your comments below. I would be more than happy to hear you out.
All the best, and most importantly have fun!

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