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Latest NA League of Legends IP-block Bypass Method

Riot recently implemented a new form of IP block on the NA/EU League of Legends launcher for Asian/International players.

These are the steps to bypass/run the game via the launcher:

  1. Click on this link and register an account: Register for NA/EU League of Legends
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down and download the USAIP.pbk file, or click here to download.
  4. Run the program. It will open the Windows Dial-up Connection program. (Hint: create a shortcut on the desktop)
  5. Username & password is demo. Click “Connect”. Wait until the program has connected.
  6. Open the NA/EU League of Legends launcher. Do not click “Play” yet!
  7. After the launcher has detected server online, run the USAIP.pbk again, then hang-up/disconnect.
  8. Run NA/EU League of Legends launcher, login with your account and play!
  9. If this has helped you, please help me by registering/getting your friends to register via this link:
    Register for NA/EU League of Legends


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